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26th Annual Women’s Only 5K Walk & Run

Participants in the Women's Only 5K Walk & Run.

The Women’s Hospital was surrounded by a sea of pink on October 6 for the 26th Annual Women’s Only 5K Walk & Run in Greensboro. Hosted by Cone Health, the annual walk is to raise money for breast cancer awareness. One in eight women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, according to statistics from the American Cancer Society. In 2017 alone, Cone Health reports treating 1,047 breast cancer patients.

Walk organizers say that Saturday’s event brought out more than 2,300 participants, raising $91,000 for breast cancer awareness. The funds are used to benefit the Mammography Scholarship Fund and the Cone Health Alight Program. The Mammography Scholarship Fund provides life-saving breast screening x-rays to about 600 women a year who don’t have insurance or lack the means to pay for the screening. The Alight Program helps with the everyday needs of breast cancer patients in treatment, such as bills, educational materials, and support groups.

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