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PHSSCA celebrates 49 years of service

Special to the Peacemaker / November 14, 2019

Temple Memorial receives a certificate for their support of PHSSCA with Pastor T. Ashby Bannister (center).

On October 17, Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency (PHSSCA) held its Annual Sickle Cell Gala, a celebration of providing minority health services to the community.

Dr. Kathryn Addo, guest speaker.

The theme for the occasion was “49 Years of Service: We’ve Come This Far by Faith.” The Sickle Cell Gala is a fundraising event held every year to commemorate the accomplishments of the past year, and to honor those for their continuous support. This year’s honoree was the Faith Community. PHSSCA has serviced 1,300 people in North Carolina and counting. Without the support of the Faith Community, PHSSCA would not be able to sustain its educational programs and weekly clinics. Sickle cell awareness is pivotal, yet, so many people are still unaware of this disease and its effects. Sickle cell disease is when red blood cells clump together, causing clogged blood flow. This can occur when one receives two sickle cell genes (one from each parent). PHSSCA also strives to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS through clinics and community outreach, serving more than 20 counties in the surrounding area. This year, the gala guest speaker was Dr. Kathryn Addo, who spoke on the Black church and its impact on the community.

Dr. Addo said, “…without Faith Communities we would not be here.” Her words were very empowering and reminded everyone of the importance of non-profit work and its positive impact on the lives of people. The event featured performances by The Gregory Amos Trio and a stand-up skit by comedienne, Debra Terry. PHSSCA extends a special thanks to all of its guests: Dr. Kathryn Addo, Debra Terry, The Gregory Amos Trio, the Faith Community, and Vine Catering.


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