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Carolina Peacemaker 2022 General Election Endorsements

Peacemaker Staff / October 21, 2022

It’s that time! The Carolina Peacemaker advises its readers to look for the “D” (as in Democrat) next to the name and vote for the Democrat. Our friends and colleagues in the Republican Party have lost their way and no longer have ideas to help our communities grow and prosper. Unfortunately, with Republicans it’s all about promoting voter suppression, limiting women’s rights, anti-immigration, elevating authoritarian, anti- LGBTQ, anti- Black, anti- people of color, book- banning, antisemitic, xenophobic candidates to elected positions of power. Only you, THE VOTER, can stop this madness. Vote for the Democrat. Your lives and livelihoods depend on it.

There is only one nonpartisan contest on the ballot for Guilford County voters and that’s for Soil and Water Supervisor at the end.

U.S. Senate

Cheri Beasley

U.S. House of Representatives

District 1 – Don Davis
District 2 – Deborah K. Ross
District 3 – Barbara D. Gaskins
District 4 – Valerie P. Foushee
District 5 – Kyle Parrish
District 6 – Kathy Manning
District 7 – Charles Graham
District 8 – Scott Huffman
District 9 – Ben Clark
District 10 – Pat Genant
District 11- Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
District 12 – Alma S. Adams
District 13- Wiley Nickel
District 14 – Jeff Jackson

N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice

Seat 3 – Lucy Inman
Seat 5 – Sam J. Ervin IV

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge

Seat 8 – Carolyn Jennings Thompson
Seat 9 – Brad A. Salmon
Seat 10 – Gale Murray Adams
Seat 11 – Darren Jackson

N.C. State Senate

District 27 – Michael Garrett
District 28 – Gladys A. Robinson

N.C. House of Representatives

District 57 – Ashton Clemmons
District 58 – Amos Quick
District 59 – Sherrie Young
District 60 – Cecil Brockman
District 61 – Mary Price (Pricey) Harrison
District 62 – Brandon Gray


N.C. Superior Court Judge

District 18-C- Seat 1- Stuart Albright
District 18- Seat 1 – Marc Ross Tyrey
District 18- Seat 2 – Larry Archie
District Attorney District 24 (Guilford) – Avery M. Crump


Guilford Board of Commissioners

At-Large – Kay Cashion
District 1 – Carlvena Foster
District 2 – Paul Meinhart
District 3 – Derek Mobley
District 7 – Frankie T. Jones Jr.

Board of Education

At-Large – Alan Sherouse
District 2 – Amanda Cook
District 4 – Deon Clark
District 6 – Khem D. Irby
District 8 – Deena Hayes-Greene

Clerk of Superior Court

Lisa Y. Johnson-Tonkins

Sheriff (Guilford County)

Danny Rogers


Soil & Water Conservation Dist. Supervisor
Joshua (Fox) Brown


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