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GHOE Fashion Show presents new artists and designers

By Melvin Harris / October 23, 2021

North Carolina A&T State University’s Greatest Homecoming on Earth holds limitless opportunities at the fashion show. Students will have the chance to display their style along with local fashion artists and designers.

Some 12 designers and 10 artists based in the Greensboro area and beyond are participating in the show during homecoming week.

In the past, brands like Verge and Couture came to the fashion show during GHOE to show off their latest clothes and styles that are in season. Be on the lookout for new brands that have yet to make an appearance at GHOE thus far.

Former students who have participated in the fashion show say it is lots of work. Although everything comes together in the end, there are a lot of trials that happen throughout the process.
Aggie Alumni Marcus Williams has some background in working in fashion. Williams was a Verge model while he attended N.C. A&T. He remembered practices being very tough.

“We practiced very long hours,” Williams said. “With the creativity of both themes, it is not hard to see that long practice hours were necessary to pull these shows off.”

The fashion show gives the students of N.C. A&T an opportunity to showcase their creative and stylish personalities.

Not only does it provide an outlet to future fashion artists, but it can also be an inspiring moment for those who would like to get into fashion.

Journalism and Mass Communication student Dasani Walton attended the fashion show in 2019. Walton considers herself to be a “fashion geek”. She thought the show was a great way for the designers to display where they were from.

“They incorporated where people were from and the way they danced was what I liked most about the fashion show. It allowed for people to pay homage to their hometown,” Walton said.

The Greeks are always expected to make an appearance at the fashion show. This is a time where fraternities and sororities get to see who has the best moves and style this upcoming year.

The fashion show will take place on Oct. 27. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show will start a 7 p.m. sharp.

The show will take place at 620B South Elm St. in Greensboro.

Tickets are $30 for regular admission and $45 for VIP.

The dress code is “stylish” so be sure to come with the best outfit in your closet.

There are no mask requirements at the event. However, it is suggested that proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within that past 72 hours be shown. BE SAFE, wear a mask.

Melvin Harris is a junior multimedia journalism student at North Carolina A&T State University from Charlotte.


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