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Thank you 1808

Afrique I. Kilimanjaro, Peacemaker Editor / February 5, 2016

Afrique I. Kilimanjaro, Peacemaker Editor

Afrique I. Kilimanjaro, Peacemaker Editor

A heartfelt thank you to editor, Tina Firesheets; writer, Amanda Lehmert; and photographer extraordinaire, Scott Muthersbaugh for the February cover feature on the Carolina Peacemaker and my family in 1808 magazine. It’s not often a magazine writes a feature on the endeavors of another publication. On behalf of my family and the staff at the Peacemaker, this feature is truly appreciated.

If you haven’t seen this month’s edition of 1808, I suggest that you get a copy. All the features and stories are great. I read it cover to cover and was pleased to discover a beautiful feature by fellow journalist Dioni Wise on the nuptials of my friend, poet Josephus Thompson and his lovely bride Denise Bellamy.

While the cover story focuses primarily on the longevity of the Carolina Peacemaker, my parents and the work we do, publishing a weekly community newspaper takes a tremendous team effort and there are a several people, including extended family members, who have made significant contributions to this effort through the years.

My parents, John and Vickie, began publishing the Peacemaker in 1967. I was not yet born. My siblings: John Marshall, Sybil (today a housewife and mom) and Heidi (a physician, mom and my chief advisor) were able to observe the beginnings of the paper which opened with an office on Gorrell Street across from Bennett College. Sybil and Heidi were the Peacemaker’s first subscription sales force, tasked to sell papers like the U.S. Postal Service once delivered mail – through sleet, snow, rain or gloom of night (the night thing may be a stretch). Over the years, my parents recruited their nephews and nieces to work at the Peacemaker. My cousins, Stanley Davis Jr. and Maurice Davis spent some of their college years at the paper. Stan guided the paper as its general manager while Maurice was tasked with selling advertising. Their sister, Brenda Davis Bracey, worked as an office assistant typing billing invoices. Today, Stanley works with a meditation retreat center in Asheboro, Maurice is a dentist in eastern North Carolina and Brenda is a retired public school teacher down east. My cousin, Yolanda Towns Lymans, a native of Chicago, Ill, left the blustery winters of the Midwest to work as a journalism intern at the paper as she completed her studies at Central State University (Wilberforce, Ohio). Today Yolanda is a mother of three and a dedicated special education teacher with the Guilford County Schools system.

In the course of more than four decades scores of budding journalists and photographers began their careers at the Peacemaker and subsequently moved on greater adventures and careers. For example, former journalist Michael Roberto moved on to become a tenured professor of history at N.C. A&T State University. Then, there’s Patrick Henry Bass, an eager graduate out of Wingate University who earned gold stars for his work at the paper. Today, Bass is a book editor for Essence Magazine. One of my recent favorites is talented young photographer and fellow Aggie, Alicia Funderburk, who ranks among the best student interns we have ever had. Upon earning a degree in Visual Arts from A&T, Funderburk went on to earn a master’s from the Savanah College of Art and Design and she currently works as a photographer with ESPN Magazine in Connecticut.

Today’s Peacemaker staff is comprised of a great group of people who are dedicated to their craft and their commitment and team effort is ever appreciated. Our team consists of: Gabriel Fraire, copy editor and graphic artist; Joe Daniels and Charles Edgerton, photographers; Yasmine Regester, staff writer; Jonathan Moricle, graphic artist; Charlene Green, office manager; the circulation distribution team of Jerry Kilimanjaro, Sybil Kilimanjaro and Bob Shaw along with several freelance writers, photographers and content contributors who help keep this train on track. My parents continue to provide welcome guidance and sage advice.

These are just a few of the people who have contributed to the success and longevity of the Peacemaker, whether they worked only a summer or several years, their service to the newspaper is appreciated. We’ve got lots of news to deliver, many more stories to cover and we remain dedicated to informing our community on the important issues that affect all of us. Please subscribe to the Carolina Peacemaker.

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