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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On Netflix: The Life Ahead

November 20, 2020

Upon hearing the premise of this film, involving an 86-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor and a 12-year-old Senegalese immigrant, you might think you’re in for 94 minutes of sentimental drama. In some ways, maybe so. In others not. But out of an abundance of caution, keep a box of tissues handy. The origin of this story […]

UNCG School of Theatre presents Skeleton Crew: Blue Collar and White Collar Collide in Detroit

October 29, 2020

The Fall 2020 UNCG School of Theatre season continues with a production of Skeleton Crew by Dominique Morisseau. The play follows a group of working-class people fighting against the establishment as they face opposition, economic inequality and gun violence. Skeleton Crew is the third play in a group of Morisseau’s works dubbed The Detroit Projects, […]

Movie Review: The Trial of the Chicago 7

October 23, 2020

Fiery rhetoric. Conflicting politics. Angry activists. Heated demonstrations. Violent police clashes. Government subterfuge. Duplicitous judges… The anti-war uproar of the late ‘60s is so relevant today. One particular incident pulls all those volatile elements under one roof, into one courtroom: The historic Trial of the Chicago 7. Writer/director Aaron Sorkin won a Best Writing, Adapted […]

Celebrate Halloween with the City of Greensboro

October 16, 2020

Enjoy the Halloween season with these City of Greensboro-sponsored events, including a reverse parade-style festival, DIY costume demos, kids activities, spooky radio plays, ghost stories, a Halloween drive-in movie, costume contest and more. All events and activities are free unless otherwise noted. Trick-or-Treating The City of Greensboro does not regulate trick-or-treating activities. Due to the […]

Movie Review: The Forty-Year-Old Version

October 16, 2020

Forty. Something about that age puts people on a precipice. Too old to be young. Too young to be old. And if your career hasn’t taken off by that age…well. Will it ever? This is the space where The Forty-Year-Old Version resides. A crossroads. Radha Blank, a Harlem-based writer, is known for her NEA Award-winning […]

Book Review: Humans

October 8, 2020

Nice to meet you. And it was. You’ve always believed that it’s a good thing to expand your life, visit new places, and make new friends. Doing so always makes you feel energized. It’s a chance to become enlightened, enriched, entertained, and involved. So it’s nice to meet you, nice to get to know you. […]

Book Review: Rise Up: Confronting a Country at the Crossroads

October 2, 2020

You’re beat down. Tired, ready to rest, just plain done. So much racism, so many politicians doing so many things. You’re wiped, laid low with no more go, and you’re not sure you have the energy for more of this. But there’s hope for the hopeless, a lift for the fallen, and in “Rise Up” […]

Book Review: My Own Words

September 25, 2020

Please and Thank You. Those were “The Magic Words” you learned at your knee, the ones that opened doors and gained favors. That was also when you learned something important, as you’ll see in “My Own Words” by Ruth Bader Ginsburg (with Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams): letters, when properly collected, can move mountains. […]

Civil Rights Icon Benjamin Chavis to Host Weekly Black Talk Show on PBS

September 18, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Civil rights icon Dr. Benjamin Chavis, former NAACP executive director and current president/CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), will become host of a weekly Black-oriented public affairs talk show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) in October. As racial tensions and disparities have skyrocketed in almost every category of American life, […]

Book Review: A Most Beautiful Thing

September 10, 2020

Either, or. The choice is yours: do you pick one thing, or take the other? Stay where you are, or reach for better? This or that, any way, you always have to decide: do you take either, or… as in “A Most Beautiful Thing” by Arshay Cooper, do you take the oar? Growing up Chicago’s […]


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