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Triad residents show solidarity for Ukrainians

Greensboro residents gather to show their support for the people of Ukraine.
Photo by Ivan Saul Cutler/Carolina Peacemaker.

In passionate solidarity for the Ukraine and its people, nearly 100 Triad residents gathered Sunday, February 27, to support Ukrainians and oppose the invasion of the country by Russian military forces.

Greensboro residents and supporters of peace gathered for a solemn prayer service at Trinity Church, where area Ukrainian Americans worship. The group of nearly 100 residents denounced Russian aggression against Ukraine and called on people of the world to support Ukrainians with hearts, souls and resources.

At the conclusion of the service, the group, from toddlers to octogenarians, many wiping away tears of fear for family and friends in Ukraine, assembled for a brisk, colorful, unity march from the church eastward 2.5 miles to rally in a small park within Friendly Center. Many march participants were of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian heritage. They carried Ukrainian flags and joined fellow Americans — Christians and Jews — to pray for freedom, dignity and the survival of the Ukraine as it bravely faces unprovoked attacks.

To support the people of Ukraine, visit the websites of the following international aid organizations:


    UNICEF supports health, nutrition, HIV prevention, education, safe drinking water, sanitation and protection for children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine.

  • Médecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

    MSF operates in Ukraine working with local volunteers, organizations, health care professionals and authorities to help people travel to health care facilities and

  • Voices of Children

    The Ukrainian organization helps provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by the armed conflict, according to its website.

  • Sunflower of Peace

    The nonprofit organization is raising money to prepare first aid medical tactical backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the front lines.

  • International Committee of the Red Cross

    This Switzerland-based organization is aiming to help people affected by the conflict and support the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

  • Save the Children

    Save the Children, based in London, helps to deliver lifesaving aid to vulnerable children in Ukraine and around the world.