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Students and teachers enjoy a Thanksgiving lunch with Superintendent Contreras


Monticello Brown-Summit Elementary School Principal Robin Britt (L), Guilford County Schools Superintendent Sharon Contreras (center) and teacher Eileen Cirincione (R) with first grade students Nadia Alston and Lyfe Franks. Photo by by Ivan Saul Cutler/Carolina Peacemaker.

Thankfulness was on the menu at Monticello Brown-Summit Elementary School, when Guilford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras joined first-graders from teacher Eileen Cirincione’s class for lunch.

Seated at the front of the class, Contreras asked the young students to share reasons for their thankfulness. Joyful responses leaped forth from the students ranging from being thankful for having happy parents, thankful for having a great teacher, Eileen Cirincione, thankful for being able to have lunch with Dr. Contreras, and thankful for fellow classmates.

The superintendent participated in the full school lunch experience by joining the first graders in the cafeteria line. Contreras and the students returned to Mrs. Cirincione’s classroom with a Thanksgiving turkey lunch in which they all “gobbled” with glee. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.