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Many things can affect your energy


Pay attention to your diet.  Fuel your body with a wide variety of nutrient rich foods.  Get enough sleep. Pay attention to your diet. Fuel your body with a wide variety of nutrient rich foods. Get enough sleep.
It’s a Matter of Your Health

So many people complain of not having enough energy. I hear many patients say they have problems getting the regular duties of life done. Some say they dont have enough energy to care for the kids, keep the house clean, study, exercise or go out. It is a major problem.

I know that some people are self-medicating themselves by using energy drinks. For some, this maybe a harmless way to get that temporary boost of energy. Those drinks contain a high concentration of caffeine. In some people though, this may be harmful. Recent studies have shown a 6 percent increase in blood pressure after consuming some of these drinks. If you are already borderline with your blood pressure this increase could spell trouble.

I generally ask my patients when they complain of lack of energy to first look at their lives. Are they getting adequate rest? What is their diet like? Are they exercising? What is their stress level and how do they deal with stress? These four major aspects of a person’s life that can affect one's energy production.

Now, unfortunately we do find situations where illness is the cause of low energy. Anemia is one of those medical conditions that should be checked and tests should be performed to find out why it exists.

Allergies can also drain one of energy. Effectively addressing these with appropriate medications, avoidance of the allergens or shots will soon reduce allergy affects. Remember, allergens may be environmental but they may also be from the foods we eat. Pay attention to whether the ingestion of certain food affects your mood, energy or mentation.

Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to energy depletion. Too much or high sugars tend to make one sluggish. While too little energy or low sugars also drain you of energy.

Another condition which often drains one’s energy is hypertension. Once a person’s blood pressure is under control, patients often remark that they did not know how poorly they were feeling and after treatment, how much more energy they now have.

Lung problems where the body is not receiving adequate oxygen can also rob one of energy and vitality. Correcting these problems with proper medication, smoking cesssation and using oxygen when needed can make a world of difference.

Depression and anxiety are both major drainers of energy. They can be treated effectively and vitality regained.

The last major condition that can drain one’s energy would be some type of cancer. The therapy used to treat such conditions can also be draining.

Pay attention to your diet. Fuel your body with a wide variety of nutrient rich foods. Get enough sleep. There is nothing like refreshing the body with a good rest. Exercise is a way to generate energy for your body. Use it wisely and frequently. Stress is a real killer. Mind your mind. How you deal with stress is one of the keys to a successful life and a way to provide that energy we all need.

Veita Bland is a board certified Greensboro physician and hypertension specialist. Email Dr. Bland at