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Once again North Carolina is the laughingstock of the nation, this time thanks to Gov. Pat McCrory’s inability to fathom two very simple words – YOU LOST!

Call it ego, call it shame, or call it whatever you want ... Patrick Lloyd McCrory, outgoing one-term Republican governor (if nothing else shifty gets in the way) of the once great state of North Carolina (I say “once great” because McCrory and his GOP colleagues in the state legislature have done such a marvelous job of taking North Carolina so far backwards, I’m amazed Thomas Edison isn’t still listed in the phone book) is doing his best, along with his cutthroat posse of dime-a-dozen law-traitors to turn over every rock, nook and cranny to “prove” that nothing but dead people and vote-fraud masters gave his Democratic opponent, state Attorney General Roy Cooper, a slim Election Day 5,000 vote lead (which later swelled to over 8,000 by Tuesday’s count).

McCrory just can’t take it. Donald Trump, the loud-AND-foulmouthed sex maniac the governor backed for president won. Sen. Richard Burr hardly campaigned and even got caught wishing out loud that someone would assassinate Hillary Clinton, and he still got re-elected. Indeed, Republicans were claiming victory all over the place on Election night.

McCrory couldn’t stand being left out of the party, especially when his opponent, Roy Cooper, got up on stage and declared victory long before anything had been officially determined. Pat decided right then and there that he wasn’t going out like that.

So, all of McCrory’s lawyers have fanned out, filing election protests in 52 counties, hoping to generate enough “evidence” of voter fraud, in predominately-Black voting precincts, to “prove” that Cooper only came out on top because of “voter fraud” on a massive scale.

So far, upon review, out of 4.6 million ballots cast, less than ten have actually proven to be questionable. There is that situation in Bladen County where folks paid to help the elderly fill out mail-in absentee ballots did not realize they had to also sign the form, but if true, that’s a mistake, not fraud.

Still, the fact that McCrory is causing all of this ruckus just because he’s on the losing end of the people’s decision, is shameful and sets a poor example. Let’s be clear, Pat and his attorneys are manipulating the system in desperate hopes that manna will fall from the sky and just award him the election. Never mind that he is further deeply dividing the state at a time when folks are clearly in no mood.

Never mind that Pat McCrory never has been, and never will be a strong leader, let alone a good governor. What Pat McCrory is, is a snake oil salesman who masters the art of swift and slick talking, always smiling so that folks will mistake his brandishing of polished teeth for “true” grit; balling up his fists as a symbol of empty determination; and talking in low tones to convince the listener that Pat has the requisite cool needed to be a great leader.

This may all end up in the Republican-led N.C. General Assembly, where state lawmakers would surely vote to install Pat for another term, only to make him pay for it by walking all over him again for the next four years.

Now is his chance to show true leadership by taking his loss like a man, but Pat McCrory can’t do that. Without the governor’s office, what else does he have to do? Where else can he go to play pretend? Stay tuned.