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Greensboro will no longer accept yard waste in personal containers


June 28 is the final day that the City of Greensboro’s Solid Waste and Recycling Department will collect yard waste from personally-owned yard waste containers. Beginning July 1, yard waste will only be collected:

• from the 95-gallon, city-provided gray rolling container,

• in five-foot-long, twine-tied bundles, weighing less than 50 pounds,

• or paper bags.

 Find more details on how to properly prepare yard waste at

 Solid Waste and Recycling encourages residents to keep and repurpose their personal containers. If none of the alternatives are for you, you may dispose of your personal containers by calling the City Contact Center at (336) 373-CITY and scheduling for the container to be picked up as bulk trash. 

This change is part of a larger shift in yard waste rules this year. Visit for more details.