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Cash in the Apple: The Debate


Cash Michaels Cash Michaels
Yep, I was among the tens of millions of viewers (a record 80.9 million to be exact) who gave up Monday night to watch the presidential “Rumble in the Jungle” between Republican Donald J. Trump, and Democrat Hillary R. Clinton.

I must admit, it was well worth the wait, and the watch.

Despite all of the pre-debate babble on the cable networks, it was clear that Trump did not prepare properly for the face-off. While he thought he was doing a good job being mean and nasty to Clinton every chance he got, all he was met with for the whole 90+ minutes was a bright, mocking smile and virtually a wink to the audience from Clinton that she was going to let her opponent run his foolish mouth.

It wasn’t really a fair fight. Trump, as he has already proven, is clearly out of his league when he talks about the issues, and what he would do about them if elected president. There can be no doubt who was better studied and prepared to do the job.

The Other Debate World

I bounced back and forth between MSNBC and CNN during the post-debate analysis, and was not surprised to see sensible people agree that Donald Trump got clocked. On MSNBC, even Republican analysts had to admit that their boy lost the debate by a large margin.

But then I turned to Fox News, knowing that I was leaving Planet Earth, a place of understanding, and going to a world where crazy, twisted, conservative BS would rule the day. Sure enough, I tuned in just in time to hear Fox host Sean Hannity declare Donald Trump the undisputed winner of the debate.

Let’s be clear, Trump could have choked on the many glasses of water he was chugging that night, and they still would have declared him the master of all. And that’s a shame that a so-called “news” operation is so in the bag for a twisted presidential candidate that there is no way it can honestly evaluate him.

But that’s Fox News’ bread and butter – propping up the right wing no matter what objective facts prove otherwise. It is really a shame to watch grown men and women lie and sham and work hard to convince viewers that 1+1=4, despite compelling evidence to the contrary.

But the question is, how many voters who believe in Fox like a fiery religion, will take this nonsense to the polls on Election Day?

You’d be surprised!

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