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Alston announces run for Guilford Commission


Skip Alston
Guilford County Commissioner Melvin “Skip” Alston, who won a special election in May 2017 to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Ray Trapp, announced today that he will run for re-election to serve out the last two years of Commissioner Trapp’s term on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners District 8.

“With the current partisan political climate from the local to the federal government, experience matters,” stated Alston, who first served 20 years as a Guilford County Commissioner from 1992 -2012.

In 2002, Alston became the first African American to serve as chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. He has served as chairman a record five times and has been elected four consecutive times as to the chairmanship from 2008-2012. Alston also served two years as vice-chairman of the board.

“I want to use my 20 years’ experience to continue to bring a strong and effective voice for the citizens in District 8,” said Alston.

“All politics is local. I want to make sure the citizens in District 8 and throughout Guilford County have a safety net should the federal and state governments refuse to fund essential services for the most vulnerable and needy in our community, such as cuts in Public Health Services, Social Services, Public Safety and Education,” Alston stated.

Alston’s focus on the Guilford County Commission will be as follows:

  1. Economic development and incentives that bring jobs that pay a livable wage.
  2. Help organize all democratic precincts in Guilford County.
  3. Bring all county employees’ salaries up to a livable wage.
  4. Develop better working relationships with county incorporated towns and cities.
  5. Fair opportunities for African American contractors to obtain contracts for goods and services from Guilford County.
  6. Support for a bond referendum to properly repair, renovate and replace our public school buildings.

Alston also pledges to work with the staff and other members of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to make Guilford County a leader in implementing new automation and technology.