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Coffee can benefit one’s overall health

By Veita Bland, M.D. / July 29, 2023

Coffee has some positive benefits and when it is consumed properly, it can benefit one’s overall health.

There seems to be a singular accord from many people in the morning. They claim they cannot talk to you, answer any questions, conduct any business, or even think until they have consumed their first cup of coffee. For those of us who are not coffee drinkers, this claim strikes the ear as an abusive exaggeration. How could this be? Well, there is evidence to support it.

It has long been known that coffee has its benefits, and those benefits can even be good for you. Certainly, the soothing effect of that warm liquid in your mouth counts for something, even in the warmer months. According to studies by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, female coffee drinkers, who consume one or two cups a day, may lessen their chances of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. Coffee also contains antioxidants that can decrease inflammation, which can be a health benefit.

Studies by Hopkins also reveal that coffee drinkers process glucose better and may have less type 2 diabetes.

There is also new evidence that coffee drinkers have a heightened readiness to transition from their resting or sleeping state to a state that is ready to work and engage in activities. Coffee can boost visual connections. It may also boost the ability to connect with executive functions that would affect the working memory, cognitive controls and behavior that was directed specifically at getting goals and tasks accomplished.

Study reports cite that coffee drinkers seemed to be more responsive and attentive to stimuli.

There is some evidence that women coffee drinkers have less colon cancer. There may also be less of a risk of stroke. There is also some evidence that coffee may help out your DNA strands which could help one to decrease cancers or tumors. There is even some evidence that coffee may affect Alzheimer’s disease and possibly help to lessen it.

Now, there can be too much of a good thing especially when one is loading up each cup with sugar, sweetened flavors and cream. The added calories are not good for you.

Too much caffeine can also increase heart rate, raise blood pressure, cause anxiety and even prevent one from falling asleep.

Coffee consumption definitely has some positive benefits to one’s overall health when it is consumed in moderation. It’s okay to grab a cup.

Dr. Veita Bland is a board-certified Greensboro physician and hypertension specialist. Dr. Bland’s radio show, “It’s a Matter of Your Health,” can be heard live on Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. on N.C. A&T State University’s WNAA, 90.1 FM. Listeners may call in and ask questions. The show is replayed on Sirius 142 at 5 p.m. on Wed. Email Dr. Bland at


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