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Monday, October 2, 2023

Bill rallies voters for Hillary

By Yasmine Regester / March 11, 2016

Clinton greets students and Greensboro residents at Elon Law School.

Clinton greets students and Greensboro residents at Elon Law School.

“She’s the single best change-maker I’ve ever worked with,” said former United States President William “Bill” Clinton about his wife and Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, when he made a stop in Greensboro on Monday.

Clinton spoke for nearly an hour to a crowd of about 200 supporters at the Elon University School of Law in downtown Greensboro as a way to rally voters before the March 15 primary next Tuesday. Clinton also spoke in Raleigh and Charlotte on Monday.

“I do think she has better economic plans. I think her ideas and her policies are better. She’s always making something good happen,” said Clinton who praised his wife as a champion of education and applauded her platform on economics, police and debt-free graduation.

Clinton touted Hillary’s debt-free degrees as a better plan than opponent Bernie Sanders’ free tuition plan because Hillary’s plan allows student loans to be refinanced like a home mortgage, that would be forgiven after 20 years.

“I think Hillary’s plan works better. Her plan is debt-free degrees for everybody,” said Clinton. “Our diversity and youth are our strengths.”

“We need jail reform. Too many young people are in jail for far too long for nonviolent crimes. We need police and we need police reform,” said Clinton.

He also noted that clean energy initiatives like solar panel installation and modernizing the country’s infrastructure can create hundreds of jobs and ensure a healthier future for younger generations.

Clinton told voters to support Hillary because of her inclusive economic policies, and national security strategies that do not condemn people based on race or religion and job creation, accusing the Republican party of demonizing Muslims.

“Our biggest opportunities are in small business. We’ve got to make sure community banks are making community loans to small businesses,” said Clinton.

Clinton talked about Hillary’s support of the Affordable Healthcare Act and how the expansion of Medicaid will be more economically helpful to states than not expanding it.
“Democrats have a history of being financially responsible. Let’s have a conversation about what works and what doesn’t,” said Clinton. “We have to put everyone in that picture that President Obama created.”

Some Clinton supporters explained their support of Hillary comes from all the support she and her husband have given the current administration.

“We know the Clintons have been working on our issues for a long time,” said Faith Rivers James, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Leadership and Professor of Law at Elon University School of Law. “It’s really important to train our young lawyers to participate in the political process.”

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan introduced the former president saying she supported Hillary Clinton because of her extensive experience in domestic and foreign affairs and dedication to multiple issues.

“Hillary knows as do I that we are not a single-issue country,” Vaughan said. “She is not a single-issue president. She knows that we’ve got to work hard and we’ve got to work together.”
While early voting is already taking place, North Carolina’s primary is March 15.

“This is a big election,” Clinton concluded. “If you’re a Democrat or a progressive, we can’t give the other party – given the spirit of their debates – the Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court.”


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