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Bikes for Kids Visits Wiley

By Ivan Saul Cutler, Carolina Peacemaker / December 8, 2023

Happy third graders at Wiley Elementary School learn they are getting new bicycles. Photo by Ivan Saul Cutler/Carolina Peacemaker.

Bikes for Kids began rolling into the screaming hearts of hundreds of third grade students in Guilford County who would be dramatically surprised with their own bicycles.

Thanks to area sponsors, community organizations and businesses, the colorful 20-inch Huffy bicycles and safety helmets are presented within an educational context.

Happy Wiley Elementary School students acknowledge they have new bicycles. Skye Brown, left, Ariana Bethea and Taylor Waddell. Photo by by Ivan Saul Cutler/Carolina Peacemaker.

Weeks ago, the students learned they can qualify to win a bicycle for their essays about focusing on their schoolwork, as a positive path to achieve their dreams in life.

“This is all about character building, thinking big, working hard, being kind and doing their homework,” said Bob Krumroy, president of the Bikes for Kids Foundation.

At each of two dozen schools, Krumroy serves as a chief cheerleader and master of ceremonies, resembling an enthusiastic game show host working in front of a live audience largely comprised of elementary school students squirming with excitement.

With several gleaming bicycles in front of the students, Krumroy shouts, “Who wants to win a bicycle?” prompting thunderous applause and positive hand-waving responses.

While the students are fixated on bicycles, he calls on high school students to share their dreams, wishes and aspirations of working hard to be scientists, physician, dentists, educators and other lofty professions.

After reading several essays and awarding bicycles to a couple of students for their “excellent work,” he declares that only one more bike can be awarded, then suddenly calls an ad hoc meeting of teachers and sponsors who magically produce bicycles for every third grade student, saying all the essays were terrific.

Editor’s Note: Keep this excitement a secret and allow the magic to happen.


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