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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The 11th Annual NC Folk Festival

By Joe Daniels, Carolina Peacemaker / September 16, 2022

The 11th Annual North Carolina Folk Festival brought music lovers to downtown Greensboro from Friday, Sept. 9 through Sunday, Sept. 11. The festival featured more than 300 artists on five stages and performances inside the Greensboro Culture Center. Musical artists and groups represented a diverse array of cultural musical traditions from around the world such as Irish, Cajun, African, Country, Gospel, Jewish, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues.

Despite the rain showers on Saturday and Sunday, the festival was well attended. City streets lined with food trucks, which sold delicious cuisines and a variety of drinks. Artisans were also on hand to sell original jewelry, clothing and crafts.

A highlight performance featured world-renowned musician and group George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, who rocked the capacity full stage tent. P-Funk closed with their signature song “Atomic Dog.” Proceeding the P-Funk performance was Atiba Berkeley, president of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society, who offered time at the main stage for the community to honor Mama Nia from the Kwanzaa Collective. On Sunday, The Futurebirds, featuring three guitarists using their signature vocals to blend Indie rock, country rock, Americana and neo-psychedelia with pedal steel guitars wowed festival attendees. It was a great weekend in the Gate City. Bravo Greensboro!

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