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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bennett College visits the location of its founding: St. Matthews United Methodist Church

Courtesy Bennett College / February 9, 2023

ennett College President Suzanne Walsh and Rev. Rodvegas Ingram, pastor of Saint Matthews United Methodist Church with Bennett students, faculty, staff, alumnae and church members.

Bennett College President Suzanne Walsh and Rev. Rodvegas Ingram.

As Bennett College approaches its 150th anniversary, Bennett Belles and administration paid homage to the academic institution’s beginnings with a visit to St. Matthews United Methodist Church on Sunday, Jan. 22.

This history of Bennett College can be traced back to the unplastered basement of the Greensboro church, previously known as Warnersville Methodist Episcopal Church and located at 600 E. Florida St. It was there, on Aug. 1, 1873, that Bennett College was founded, igniting the long and unshakeable bond between the college and the church.

Bennett College remains closely affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The connection to the church reinforces Bennett’s commitment to a healthy, whole student experience, which supports a student’s success in all aspects of their lives – spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, academically and professionally.

During worship on Sunday, Pastor and Bennett College Trustee, Rev. Rodvegas Marc Ingram, Sr., preached a powerful sermon and offered a special blessing for the continued success of the college. As part of her remarks during service, President Suzanne Walsh thanked Rev. Ingram and the congregation for their continued support, and for their recent donation to support the Bennett College Food Pantry


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