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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Senate Leader McConnell twists the facts in revealing comment on Black voting rates

February 4, 2022

“Granted, this is not the bigotry of torches and hoods. No, this rhetorical decoupling of ‘African’ and ‘American,’ of Black people from normal human functions, represents ‘only’ the bigotry of the implicit assumption, the things some people believe without consciously knowing they do – much less interrogating why they do. For them, white is the […]

Black unity needed for serious Black power

January 28, 2022

In 1992, I included the following two quotes in columns written for the Richmond Free Press, focusing on the critical need for Black organizations and institutions to become unified if they want to more effectively promote and protect the group interests of our people in this country. The first quote stated that “Black fraternal, civic […]

Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A tireless champion for economic justice

January 20, 2022

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The only Black American to be honored with a national holiday, many recalled his historic civil rights achievements. But Dr. King also stood as a tireless champion for economic justice. His last public speech, delivered a day before his 1968 assassination, was before a Memphis audience in support of a […]

Warrior lawyers like Lani Guinier

January 14, 2022

The amazing attorney, law professor, lawyer, author, and activist made her transition on January 7, 2022, even as Black folks and our allies were engaged in the legislative battle to solidify our voting rights. In the middle of the struggle, a beacon, a woman who loved voting rights and fair representation more than life itself, […]

Here’s how young people can save America

January 7, 2022

A new year is a time for reflection on the past and hope for the future. My new year’s wish this year is that across the country, every high school gives each graduate a diploma and a voter registration card, and every center of education and training — whether community college or four-year university, technical […]

Meeting the Archbishop

December 30, 2021

The following commentary was originally published on Nov. 10, 2005 Tuesday evening, I received a call from avid Peacemaker supporter Joyce Johnson with Beloved Community Center and Faith Community Church of Greensboro. She told me, “We’re having a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Wednesday morning—the day before his speech for Guilford College’s Speaker series […]

Caring for children this holiday season

December 24, 2021

During this holy season, as those of us who are Christians celebrate the birth of a poor, homeless child, let’s commit to standing up and caring for the millions of poor, homeless, hungry children living in our wealthy nation today. The poor baby in a manger often gets lost like so many poor babies all […]

U.S. democracy at “Critical Risk” without filibuster reform

December 17, 2021

“If Congress fails to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, American democracy will be at critical risk … Defenders of democracy in America still have a slim window of opportunity to act. But time is ticking away, and midnight is approaching. To lose our democracy but preserve the filibuster in its current form — in […]

Black history gifts are very important for Black children

December 10, 2021

During this gift-giving season, it’s very important that serious Black parents provide their children with at least one gift that either introduces them to or broadens their knowledge of Black History. There is a reason why White supremacists in this country voraciously oppose the teaching of our history in schools. They are well aware that […]

How many pastors can we have?

December 2, 2021

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton were doing the right thing when attending the Ahmaud Arbery trial. They demonstrated the solidarity that the Black community has with each other when one of us appears to be lynched. Lynching has reverberations. Each of us, every Black person, is repulsed and dismayed when we learn that […]


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