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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Trump is leading a revolution that is destroying America

December 26, 2019

The House has indicted the president for abuse of his office — trying to enlist a foreign government to intervene in our election by announcing an investigation of his potential opponent in the upcoming presidential race and for obstruction of justice in his extreme efforts to block the congressional investigation of his abuses. This is […]

President Trump’s war on the poor

December 19, 2019

Donald Trump is famed for his head-snapping reversals. One day he’s taking troops out of the Middle East; the next he’s sending more in. One day he’s on the verge of an agreement with China on trade; the next he’s tweeting about holding off until after the election. On one thing, however, Trump and his […]

House judiciary impeachment hearings

December 12, 2019

Last week brilliant constitutional law professors testified in Congress on the grounds for impeaching the President of the United States after hearing the facts coming from the Intelligence Committee under the direction of Chairman Adam Schiff. If anyone had told me before this hearing that Professor Jonathan Turley would have taken the positions he took, […]

World War II Rosies

December 5, 2019

All of my life I had seen a White woman, fist up, a red bandana around her head, determination on her face and words above her saying “We Can Do It!” I never thought much about it until I attended a program this past summer where there were no Black women or any women other […]

The rent is too damn high – and the presidential candidates aren’t saying enough about it

November 27, 2019

“Across the nation, families are struggling with homelessness and housing insecurity. We need to treat the affordable housing shortage like the crisis that it is. Housing is a fundamental human right. It’s time we as a nation acted like it and end the housing crisis once and for all.” – U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, introducing […]

Housing discrimination complaints have reached a 24-year high

November 22, 2019

As a candidate, President Donald Trump promised if elected that deregulation of the federal government would be an administration priority. Soon after taking the oath of office, he issued an executive order requiring that all departments and agencies eliminate two existing regulations for every one new regulation proposed. In some cases, rules that were adopted […]

The ‘Medicare for All’ debate is long overdue

November 15, 2019

Affordable health care for all is now at the center of the presidential debate. Two of the top three contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination — Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — support Medicare for All. The third — Joe Biden — and those hoping to take his place as the leading centrist in the […]

The Homelessness Crisis – We are Better Than This

November 8, 2019

I was returning from an errand when the skies opened up. The punishing rain came down with such vigor that despite an umbrella, the bottom inches of my pants were soaked. With my wash and wear hair, and just half a block more to walk, I shrugged the rain off, until I saw a woman […]

This race is ours to lose

November 1, 2019

When Sputnik circled the earth in 1957, Americans were agog that the Russians had beaten us into space. In Black barbershops, segregated classrooms of the South and other spaces where Black folk could speak openly, it was undisputed that America’s inability to focus on the “space race” was because of its obsession with the “race […]

To his wealthy donors, Trump is their grifter

October 18, 2019

To decipher President Donald Trump’s presidency, apply the basic rule of politics: Follow the money. Last month, for example, Trump performed at rallies in North Carolina and in New Mexico. He entertained adoring crowds, clad in Trump’s MAGA caps and t-shirts. The rallies got featured on Fox and other news stations. Then Trump flew to […]


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