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Monday, July 4, 2022

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

October 16, 2015

October is SIDS awareness month, a time to become informed on reducing the incidence of SIDS and co-sleeping related deaths in Guilford County. From 2009-2013, six babies died due to SIDS, according to the State Center for Health Statistics. SIDS is defined as the sudden, unexpected death of a healthy infant less than one year […]

Sleep apnea can be controlled with practice

October 2, 2015

It’s a matter of Your Health Sleep apnea is a condition where one does not breathe for seconds to minutes while asleep. There are different types of sleep apnea. The most common is obstructive sleep apnea. Here the air way is closed or obstructed by tissue and oxygen is unable to reach the lungs. A […]

Transgendered individuals deserve quality care

September 25, 2015

It’s a Matter of Your Health Transgender is a word we are seeing more in the news. With the celebrity status of recent transgendered individuals such as 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist, Bruce Jenner transitioning to Cait Jenner, more people are beginning to be more comfortable in openly accepting their own transgender status. Transgender is […]

Black women gather to battle breast cancer

September 25, 2015

Sisters Network Greensboro hosted its 5th annual Gift For Life Block Walk and Health Fair on Saturday, September 19 at Peeler Recreation Center. More than 100 volunteers participated in the door-to-door canvass to distribute breast cancer information and to invite residents to attend the health fair at Peeler. The goal of this activity is to […]

A positive mind is good for one’s health

August 21, 2015

It’s a Matter of Your Health Life is full of so many ups and downs. We see people who respond to the flow of life differently. Some people seem to have an internal Sun glowing within and they seem to never let anything darken their moods. There are other people who seem to have a […]

Privacy and the elderly

July 30, 2015

It’s a Matter of Your Health Privacy is a big topic of concern for all people. Are our phones destroying our privacy by tracking our every step? Do the computers with their cookies record what sites we visit? Who gets this information and what exactly do they do with it? Is there, such a thing […]


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