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Monday, May 16, 2022

Posting children’s photos online could have adverse consequences

November 11, 2016

We are in the midst of the holiday season. Many people will be sharing all kinds of pictures on social media. We just saw all of the cute pictures online of children in their Halloween costumes. No doubt they were just darling but are the parents inadvertently harming their children’s reputations? Are they sharing too […]

Does your doctor’s politics affect your care?

October 14, 2016

As we approach the end of this political season many questions have been raised by both major American parties. The question of how each party would affect health care is a serious question. The proposed answers that are given need to be examined carefully. Are the proposals meticulously thought out? Are the proposals something that […]

24th Annual Women’s Only 5K Walk & Run

October 7, 2016

More than 2,000 women gathered at the Women’s Hospital in Greensboro on October 1 to help raise money for mammograms and raise awareness about breast cancer. The Women’s Only 5K Walk & Run raised $122,387.30 so that more area women can receive mammograms to screen for breast cancer through Cone Health’s Mammography Scholarship Fund. For […]

What is a gluten free diet?

October 7, 2016

Today, many people have adopted a diet that is gluten free. This eliminates many types of breads, cakes and sweets made with wheat and barley. For some people, it is seen as a great way to eliminate those calories and lose weight. The allure of weight loss may be why we have seen so many […]

Moral dilemmas with genetic testing

September 30, 2016

One of the growth industries in this country is the business of knowing your own history. How many of you have seen those commercials that speak about knowing who your ancestors are and where you came from? It is so intriguing and apparently a big money maker. To take that a step further, now for […]

Combatting gastric reflux may require lifestyle changes

September 16, 2016

One of the most common complaints people present to a doctor’s office with is acid indigestion or gastric reflux. Sometimes it’s a patient’s main complaint and other times a patient will express the concern to me as I have my hand on the examination room door knob about to exit the room. Often, people know […]

Prostate Cancer: Getting the Facts – Part 1

September 8, 2016

Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among men, and the second leading cause of cancer death among U.S. men. Although the rates of men diagnosed and who die from the disease have declined in recent years, African American men are still significantly more likely to be diagnosed with the disease compared […]

Pokémon Go may be good for your health

August 19, 2016

In this day of smartphone and computer apps for every conceivable thing, one of the good things we have seen is the multitude of apps that promote good health and good health habits. You can find an app that measures any bodily function you may want to follow. How many calories you burned, how far […]

Olympics a reminder of importance of exercise

August 12, 2016

In honor of the Olympics, The Lancet, a well-respected medical journal, has reported on several studies that are examining how physical activity affects our health. This is the second time The Lancet has taken the opportunity of the Olympics to bring awareness to inactivity and its effects upon our health. During the last Olympics in […]

Barbecued meats can be cancer causing

July 8, 2016

Summer is finally here. For some that means barbecue time. Let us not forget those die-hard people who barbecue all year round in the snow or ice, but most of us barbecue predominantly in the warmer months. It becomes a ritual. We await that invitation to that special event. There are festivals in honor of […]


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