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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Start the New Year with good health as a priority

December 30, 2022

The end of the year affords an opportunity for reflection. Many people take this time to seriously evaluate their lives. It is important to take a moment to evaluate health habits that are beneficial versus those that are not working for us. The last few years of fighting a pandemic have been quite difficult. The […]

Signals in the voice may give clues to one’s state of health

December 23, 2022

How many times have you spoken to a friend and just by the way their voice sounded, you immediately knew they were not feeling well. How often have you heard your child’s voice and instantly knew that your child was in distress? We all hear signals in the voices of others that may give us […]

Consider vitamins and supplements with your healthcare provider

December 15, 2022

One overlooked and quite important bit of information most patients fail to inform their healthcare providers of is the full range of supplements, herbs, spices and pain medications they consume. It is an important fact. All vitamins and supplements need to be entered into a patient’s medical chart to make sure adverse interactions do not […]

The early bird catches better health

December 2, 2022

The early bird catches the worm, or so they say. So, what happens to the night owl? Are there any medical consequences for people who insist on staying up late at night and sleep late in the day? If those night owls and late sleepers lead a conventional lifestyle, working from the morning into the […]

Strive to make it a better year for physical and mental health

December 2, 2022

As we take time to spend with our family and friends during this holiday season, let’s not forget about our health. I tease my patients by referring to this time of year as the “eating season”. So many people throw away any reserve they may have had about their diet and indulge in all means […]

African Americans must take steps to protect brain health

November 18, 2022

Brain health was the topic of a recent study published this month in JAMA Neurology (the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology). The news of this study was indeed sobering. The study analyzed the brains of 1,500 study participants via MRI scans. Researchers were studying the effects of aging on the brains of the […]

The promise of the genomic revolution is alive

November 11, 2022

Health care providers can do noninvasive testing to determine in some instances the best medication for you to take. We are all different and the way we respond to medication can vary. This has to do with the genes we inherit from our parents. These genes do not change so one’s response to medications should […]

Sleep hygiene in its fullest state can be life altering

October 21, 2022

Sleep has been one of the things most people have sought refuge in during the pandemic. Sleep is one of those things that is free to all, though not valued as it should be. A lack of sleep can be physically and psychologically debilitating resulting in poor health. The hygiene of sleep is an almost […]

President Biden announces fix to family glitch in Obamacare subsidies

October 14, 2022

With an estimated 5.1 million people falling into the so-called family glitch – primarily children and women – the Biden administration has issued a rule that makes it easier for those with employer-sponsored health plans to get Affordable Care Act subsidies. The rule, which comes from the Internal Revenue Service, fixes the glitch that prevented […]

The 114 Club

September 30, 2022

We have a running joke in my office about people belonging to the 114 Club. That would be a group of people, who desire to live until the age of 114. Some people have said they have no desire to live that long. They fear out living their family and friends and just do not […]


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