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Sunday, November 27, 2022

The hidden harm fostered by COVID-19

December 11, 2020

COVID-19 presents its own new set of rules. As we struggle to find a sense of normalcy in these difficult times, we realize that COVID-19 has unfortunately changed the landscape that we felt we knew so well. COVID-19 has changed the nomenclature. We speak excessively about the numbers of people that have been hospitalized, infected, […]

The Violence at Home

December 2, 2020

During this pandemic, COVID-19 has made many changes in the foundations of our society. Not being able to work, live, and socialize in the ways that were once normal in order to be as physically distant as possible has sequestered us to the safety of our homes. Safety, for some, is a relative word, and […]

What can be done in the war against COVID-19?

November 27, 2020

We are in a war and COVID-19 is winning and winning big. Across this country the war against COVID-19 is in high gear. Top infectious disease specialists, like as Dr. Anthony Fauci, have stated we need a national uniform plan as the state by state plans have been unsuccessful. At this point, there are no […]

COVID-19 map cases across the state put counties on alert

November 20, 2020

While COVID-19 cases are surging across the United States, North Carolina has instituted a new COVID-19 County Alert System to pinpoint counties with the highest levels of viral spread and offers specific recommendations to bring numbers down. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and […]

The public needs to be ready to take the COVID-19 vaccine when available

November 12, 2020

Every time I ask a patient to take a flu vaccine and they tell me no, a little piece of my heart dies. They tell me no because they say they do not get flu shots. Ultimately it has to do with trust. Trust that the healthcare system is not trying to play on them […]

The COVID-19 surge is here, social distancing and mask wearing a must

November 5, 2020

The surge that all were warned about has arrived. We were unaware as to when it was coming but that it was coming as the colder months approached us. We are seeing more than 80,000 new cases daily in the U.S. and we are rapidly headed towards 100,000 new cases a day. The experts like […]

Consider limiting your travel this holiday season

October 29, 2020

As I write this article, CNN reports that more than 225,000 people have died from COVID-19. Again, the number of deaths just blows me away. We are now getting close to the holidays, traditionally a time when we all want to gather and celebrate. We dream of seeing family that we may not have seen […]

More Black doctors are needed

October 23, 2020

As I write this article, around 220,000 lives in the United States have been lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though you may be tired of hearing me say it, I must keep saying that the numbers still blow me away. They just keep climbing and climbing. There are projections from creditable prognostic models that predict […]

Cold weather may lead to combo of COVID-19 and influenza

October 16, 2020

Here we go again, I am amazed and shocked that there have been more than 208,000 deaths in this country due to COVID-19. The numbers still dumbfound me as I think about the people we have lost this year due to this pandemic. Even as we enter fall and winter, the fact remains that there […]

Sickle Cell Virtual Run/Walk

October 14, 2020

A local team of walkers raised $250 funds for Sickle Cell research. Led by Pat Frazier, chairperson of the Health Committee of the Greensboro Branch NAACP. The 11-member team socially distanced and walked 2.5 miles during the Seventh Annual Mind.Body.Soul 5K Walk/ Run, organized by The Piedmont Health Services Sickle Cell Agency. Frazier’s team wore […]


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