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Thursday, January 21, 2021

We pray for our country and community

January 14, 2021

Together as a coalition of Greensboro area Faith Leaders, we join countless other U.S. citizens in grief and outrage after Wednesday’s attack on democracy at the center of American government. Believing that all of us are created in the image of God, our response flows from our understanding of the justice and love of God, […]

Take the COVID-19 vaccine

January 7, 2021

People who don’t know Black history have probably heard more about the Tuskegee syphilis “experiment” in the last month than they have in their whole lives. The chattering class has used the debacle of allowing hundreds of Black men live with untreated syphilis to monitor its effects to explain the resistance that many Black Americans […]

Inadequate COVID-19 relief akin to sending firefighters in to clear up embers

December 31, 2020

“I wish they would put themselves — the White House and Congress and everybody else making these decisions — in the shoes of us, the normal working people, who need help due to no fault of our own. I’m asking to be able to keep my apartment, to be able to live, and not live […]

The concept of enough

December 24, 2020

In Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote about Dr. Kirtley Mather’s 1944 book Enough and to Spare. Dr. King said Enough and to Spare “set forth the basic theme that famine is wholly unnecessary in the modern world. Today, therefore, the question on the agenda must […]

Biden should revive the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

December 16, 2020

A new president takes office with the sense of possibility that comes with a new dawn. This is particularly true for Joe Biden, taking office after the divisive turmoil of Donald Trump’s years in office. Biden inherits truly fearsome troubles — among them the spiking pandemic, the collapsing economy, corrosive inequality, catastrophic climate change and […]

It’s way past time to lift every child in our wealthy nation above the scratch line

December 11, 2020

My dear and much beloved preacher teacher friend Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor was a great historically Black college president, Peace Corps leader in Africa, and pastor of the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. He was also a very dear friend and spiritual mentor. He preached a great sermon at the Children’s Defense […]

Young voters showed up and showed out

December 2, 2020

Voters between 18 and 29 made history in the 2020 election. According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement, or CIRCLE (, at least 52 percent of them, and perhaps as many as 55 percent voted. That turnout is at least ten percentage points higher than in 2016, and the […]

A coalition of Black medical professionals work to ensure COVID-19 vaccine is safe and equitably distributed

November 27, 2020

“Because of the racial inequities we have built into our essential systems, they have become combustion engines of misery. The virus flows freely in high-risk areas like holding cells, police encounters, low-wage workplaces, and public transit. The pistons of residential segregation, generational poverty, and targeted disinvestment along racial lines apply pressure … We can only […]

Offering the Biden-Harris administration an agenda for racial and economic justice

November 20, 2020

“Now is when the real work begins. The hard work. The necessary work. The good work. The essential work to save lives and beat this pandemic. To rebuild our economy so it works for working people. To root out systemic racism in our justice system and society. To combat the climate crisis. To unite our […]

What NC Dems did wrong, the GOP did right in election 2020

November 12, 2020

If the final numbers hold up after they’re counted and certified on Friday, Pres. Donald Trump should still enjoy a slim but sturdy election victory in North Carolina over now projected President-elect Joe Biden, no doubt due to the numerous campaign visits Trump made to the Tar Heel state as late as the night before […]

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