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Monday, July 13, 2020

Breast feeding is good for mother and child

March 16, 2018

It has long been known that babies gain so much when their mother’s breast feed. We know that the milk from the mother is superior to cow or other formula milks. Women’s breast milk is digested better by the babies. It is a perfect mix of vitamins and fat. The wonderful boost to the immune […]

Co-op promotes healthy community

March 2, 2018

Greensboro residents were invited to attend a health fair at the Renaissance Shoppes on Phillips Ave., Saturday, February 24. Participants were able to taste free samples of smoothies and fruits, observe fitness demonstrations, receive flu shots and health screenings, and a enjoy free spaghetti dinner. UNC Greensboro’s Recipe For Success, a program with the university’s […]

Weight loss might be easier with company

February 16, 2018

So many of us view the New Year as the starting point for new behaviors in our lives, we make those resolutions that proclaim our new behavior to ourselves. Does it matter if we make them privately versus publicly? As the song goes, “find a little help from my friends.” A little help does make […]

Social media cannot replace social contact

January 26, 2018

A lot of chatter has been heard in the media as of late detailing our state of loneliness. You would think that since we are the most connected people that we have ever been (via cell phones) that loneliness would not be an issue. Everyone has a cell phone. Millions of people document their lives […]

What is “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD?

January 18, 2018

Some people love the wintertime. They love the cold, the crisp morning air, the wearing of winter clothing, the winter sports and everything that comes with the winter months. Others dread the winter months. They do not care for the cold, they do not enjoy that crisp morning air, they miss the prolonged sunshine, and […]

Stop the flu early to avoid spreading it to others

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone and may this be your most happy, productive, and healthiest year. Some of us must get to work on taking better care of ourselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC-P) has notified the public that there is an increased activity or spreading of the flu. Researchers and public […]

Life expectancy of Americans has gone down

December 29, 2017

As we end this year, recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC-P) National Center for Health Statistics have entered the news that addresses of the life expectancy of Americans. The general life expectancy has declined for a second year after reaching a high of 78.8 years in 2014. It is now […]

Guardianship Reform on Tap in the North Carolina Legislature

December 22, 2017

Adults with disabilities are leading longer lives thanks to advances in medicine and technology and where once people with disabilities died young, now a good number will likely outlive their parents. But many of those parents have been the guardians for their children, providing guidance, security and steering their every move. Advocates for guardianship alternatives […]

Deadlines near on Medicare/ACA Enrollments

December 1, 2017

Anyone in need of Medicare, or who would like to sign up for 2018 coverage per Obamacare, needs to hurry because the deadline to enroll for both health insurance programs is fast approaching. The enrollment deadline for Medicare is Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017. According to, the official U.S. government site for Medicare, Medicare, “…is […]

New blood pressure recommendations

November 17, 2017

Hot off the press, the new recommendations on blood pressure have been released. As a hypertension specialist and after attending several conferences on this topic, I have a good idea of what those recommendations will be. I have been using them in my practice. The bottom line is that the new recommendations have found we […]

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